How to play: Use the mouse to open the camera system and look around or wear the Freddy Fazbear's head, LMB to turn on lights, Space to toggle the flashlight.

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About FNAF 2


FNAF 2 game brings to the player the new adventure of a young night shift security guard working at a creepy vintage restaurant in the local. Give him a hand so he can survive until he finishes his job. During the time that you sit in the office and observe everything in the building via cameras, you can see original animatronics with toy models and other friends. The room has no doors. Fortunately, you are given a few useful items to fool the enemy and spot them when they want to sneak into your area. They are a flashlight, a Freddy Fazbear’s head, and two lights on both sides. Aside from that, you should look around continuously and carefully to detect strange moves. Keep in mind that you can escape their jumpscare if you put on the mask for 15 seconds! They will think that you are their member and skip. Good luck!

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