How to play: Use the mouse to interact with items.

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About FNAF 3


FNAF 3 is a unique horror game. Discover the secrets in the third entry and get ready to meet up with the new friend. You will be only able to encounter one main animatronic named Springtrap. He is also the enemy that you must fend off. By preventing him from sneaking into your office, you can keep your life safe. Your mission is set in an attraction known as Fazbear’s Fright. It is a creepy location. You are hired to keep track of every equipment at night. However, FNAF 3 game will not give you a simple shift that you can master when you are attacked continuously by a robot and threatened by phantoms. As a security guard, you cannot leave your room to roam like them. Note that it has no controllable doors or lights. Meanwhile, you are forced to sit at a desk and manage everything via cameras. Besides, it is possible to play audio and seal off vents. Try to maintain the computer in order to reboot the system!

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